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Welcome to our site! We specialise in offering a Lightning Protection service to the Industrial, Public, Commercial and Private sectors in Ireland. ***

ADS & Associates specialise in the design and installation of Lightning Protection Systems.

Specialising in Risk Assessment (using the latest software packages), Design & Installation of Lightning Protection Systems, to IS EN 62305 2006, on Industrial, Commercial, Church and Private Buildings / Developments.

  • External Building & Structural Protection.
  • Internal Computer and Sensitive Electronic Protection.
  • Equipment Bonding.
  • Earthing.
  • Annual Maintenance of your System.

Our experience and commitment makes us specialists in the field, and has important implications for you, the customer.

Our vast knowledge allows us to offer a full range of technical support services, from system design advice through to on-site supervision,testing and commissioning.

IS EN 62305 2006 Certification Protection of Structures against Lightning: clearly advises strict adherence to the provision of conventional lightning protection system - to the total exclusion of any other device or system for which claims of enhanced protection are made.

ADS & Associates Ltd.

Protection Needs to protect against the harmful effects of a Lightning strike.

  • Lightning protection is our core business.
  • Our experience of a wide range of projects ensures that the most cost-effective installation is achieved.
  • We carry a stock of material and parts to cover most installations.
  • We have developed a good relationship with Leading Engineers and Architects by providing Risk Assessments and Technical Assistance.

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